Heidelberg Expands Its Plant in China

HEI Quality – a Heidelberg employee assembling a printing unit at the Qingpu site
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“Our customers can always rely on products from Heidelberg being of the highest quality, irrespective of whether a machine originates from Germany or China,” said Stephan Plenz, member of the Management Board responsible for Heidelberg Equipment and thus for the Qingpu site. “This is confirmed by the more than 1,000 presses and folding machines already supplied from Qingpu. To ensure high quality standards, we train our staff with support from Germany and approve all our suppliers in accordance with very strict standardized criteria,” he added.

Heidelberg is the only press manufacturer based in either Europe or Japan to have its own production facility in China. As a result, it is further consolidating its leading role on the world’s strongest growth market in the print media industry. “By operating its own production facility at the Qingpu site, Heidelberg is able to benefit from cost advantages while also minimizing the foreign exchange risk and import disadvantages,” said Plenz.

Source: Heidelberg.