Heidelberg Details its Product Lineup for PRINT 09

KENNESAW, GA—07/1509—Heidelberg has released a detailed lineup of the Prepress/Prinect and Postpress/Packaging products it will show at PRINT 09:


Prinect Prinance – The management information system from Heidelberg that manages and bundles the whole information flow to the production stage and makes all workflows transparent. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/management/prinect_prinance)

Prinect Direct Access – Process optimization through direct link with the customer. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/management/direct_access)

Prinect Digital Print Manager – Integration of digital printing machines. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/prepress/digital_print_manager)

Prinect Archive Manager (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/prepress/prinect_archive_system)

Prinect Remote Access – The internet portal for the Prinect production workflow. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/prepress/prinect_remote_access)

Prinect Signa Station – Optimum print sheet layout in an instant. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/prepress/prinect_signa_station)

Prinect Color Solutions (www.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/articles/prinect/prinect_color_solution)

Suprasetter A 75 – The most space-saving and successful CtP platesetter in its class. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prepress/suprasetter/suprasetter_a52_a75)

Prinect Integration System [Pressroom Manager / Workflow Integrator] (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/management/prinect_integration_system)

Prinect Prepress Manager – Efficient production starts in prepress. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/prepress/prepress_manager)

Prinect Postpress Manager – The first system that allows full-service print shops to integrate finishing machines fully into their workflow. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/postpress/prinect_postpress_manager)

Prinect Scheduler – Job planning at a glance: The electronic planning board integrated into the Prinect workflow provides users with a complete overview of the planning status of all future print jobs. (www.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/articles/prinect/general/customer_stories/prinect_scheduler)

Prinect Content Manager – Ideal solution for organizing print job data. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/prepress/prinect_content_system)

Prinect MetaDimension – The RIP for maximum productivity in the PDF workflow.

Prinect Color Toolbox – Optimizes the gray balance, reduces makeready times and cuts paper waste. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/prinect/prepress/prinect_color_toolbox)


Die Cutters
KAMA ProCut 74 – Making its U.S. debut. Quality finishing for small and medium runs. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/postpress/die-cutting/kama_procut_74)

Stahlfolder TH82 buckle plate folder – Efficient automation for shorter changeover and makereadies. (www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/products/postpress/folders/stahlfolder_th_kh)

Polar 137 PACE cutting system – InterTech Award-winning “POLAR Automation for Cutting Efficiency.” Using the Autoturn turning gripper, the PACE system positions reams on the rear table and aligns them, which makes it capable of performing (for example) a four-sided trim automatically. The removal of cutting waste is also done automatically. In this way, the system either saves one operator by the conventional two-man operation or doubles the efficiency of a system operated by a single person. Even the jogging process can be carried out without any operator by integrating the fully automated Autojog jogging system into the cutting system.

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