Heidelberg Business Consulting Leads Printers to Become More Efficient, Profitable

KENNESAW, GA—June 21, 2010—In the midst of increasing competitive pressure and rapid technological change, Heidelberg Business Consulting delivers results printing companies can rely on to boost their productivity and build their bottom lines.

“Most printers are fully occupied with the day-to-day pressures of running a printing company and have neither the time nor the resources to analyze their business in detail,” said Oliver Demus, Director of Business Consulting for Heidelberg USA. “As a result, too many business leaders make critical business decisions based on intuition and personal experience rather than on intelligent information. Heidelberg Business Consulting services help companies develop a more predictive information strategy based on facts and data that will enable them to assess their profitability and productivity with a high degree of accuracy.”

A Program to Root Out Waste
Heidelberg Business Consulting experts bring years of experience observing, analyzing and finding ways to improve production procedures while reducing or eliminating waste. Following an initial consultation to determine the scope of a project, Heidelberg consultants develop a comprehensive program tailored to the needs of a given customer. The elements of such a program typically include one or more of 10 core offerings, including:

• Print Manufacturer Excellence. A review of key print shop areas from financial management to production efficiency to sustainability, resulting in recommendations for improvement, if necessary.

• Equipment Operation and Performance Assessment. An analysis of operational inefficiencies in the way systems and equipment are being used. Quite often, simple recommendations result in major and lasting improvements in productivity.

• Production Flow Analysis. A study of the production flow procedures, including a proposal to optimize throughput.

• Productivity Reporting. Reporting based on actual press data showing values such as Overall Productivity, Average Run Speed, Average Makeready Time, Overall Equipment Efficiency, etc.

• Lean Implementation Workshops. Begins with a 5S workshop and progresses to next steps of lean implementation, including Kaizen or other continuous improvement systems.

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