Heidelberg Business Consulting Leads Printers to Become More Efficient, Profitable

• Effective Maintenance Program. Evaluates the current status of equipment maintenance and works with employees to establish an effective maintenance program.

• Press Operator Evaluation. Identifies strengths and weaknesses in regard to general printing and equipment knowledge, and makes suggestions for improvement.

• Press Productivity Performance Training. Development of a training plan tailored to the needs of a shops press crews. Includes on-site, hands-on training.

• Print Manufacturer Audit. Remote systems analysis based on data obtained directly from equipment or a printer’s Management Information System (MIS). Also helps identify which customers are the most profitable.

• Equipment Simulation. No-risk cost analysis using a printer’s own production data to analyze job history, capacity and business forecasts prior to making new equipment investment decisions.

Customers Weigh In
Waste savings represent a tremendous potential for the printing industry, and efforts to curtail it dovetail perfectly with a range of continuous improvement initiatives being pursued by many printers. That said, Heidelberg’s practice of basing recommendations for improvement on data pulled directly from MIS avoids common pitfalls associated with the influence of subjective personal experience. Moreover, Heidelberg has found that its candid, fact-based approach sits well with appreciative customers.

“As an owner, I did not need to have another sugar-coated report,” said James Schultz, CEO of Great Lakes Integrated, a 75-year-old, full-service commercial printer located in Cleveland, Ohio. “Heidelberg identified our strengths and weaknesses and did a terrific job presenting us as we are today. The results afford us a tremendous opportunity to run a profitable pressroom and prepress department by implementing appropriate process improvements. I have already shared the program with a number of my peers.”

Likewise, said Dave Simons of Designer’s Press, a medium-sized, full-service commercial printer in Orlando, Fla., “Heidelberg’s Business Consulting team brought to the surface many opportunities we had overlooked. Frankly, I was taken aback by the time we had wasted on nonproductive activities and amazed to discover how much material we could save, just by making small changes. Most of our staff were apprehensive at the beginning of the process, but now that we’ve seen the value of Heidelberg’s input, we’re optimistic and excited to see how the changes will affect our profitability.”

Heidelberg’s Business Consulting Group has been established worldwide since 2001.

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