Printers shopping for a heatset web offset press all agree on one thing: less definitely is more. Less makeready time, less press downtime, less manning requirements and less paper waste generated all mean one thing—more profits. And that’s exactly what heatset web press vendors are offering their customers.

“Emerging and growing printers have a renewed focus on technology and flexibility,” reports Richard Kerns, president of Solna Web Systems.

“Waste and time on press are crucial issues, which can be addressed easily by the new technologies available. Our customers are now equipping their heatset presses with closed-loop color control systems, ink fountain presetting using CTP data, spray dampening systems and, often, robotic or automated stacking operations. Printers use these new technologies to make their operations and skilled personnel more efficient, as well as to offset the difficult challenge of finding skilled craftspeople.”

Solna offers three heatset press models to address each of their customers’ needs. The C800, Solna’s flagship, is a 45,000 iph, horizontal commercial press, which is targeted at short- to medium-run commercial and publication printers. Hallmarks of the C800 include water-chilled ink rollers, on-the-run plate cylinder cocking and shaftless drive technology. The C800 is manufactured in both right- and left-hand versions, and can be stacked for multi-web configurations.

The Solna C300 is tailored to the heatset book and directory market, and is usually configured in two- and four-unit arrangements. A popular option in directory printing is to “piggy-back” two webs through the same dryer, allowing up to four-web production on a two-pass press. Solna uses chill stand technology developed by Jardis Industries to allow separate tension control for each web, while having the capability to revert back to normal operation when running coated stock.

Solna’s newest heatset press is the D400 vertical tower press, which is aimed at publication, semi-commercial, insert and newspaper operations. The 50,000 iph press uses shaftless technology and has a wide range of folding and finishing capabilities. Three ink form rollers, plate cylinder cocking and full automation help the versatility of the D400 apply to a wide range of heatset production.

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