Hearing Customer Voices –Dickeson

iii. Preferred proof type identified

iv. Party responsible for sign-off identified

v. Probable number of proof rounds and previews of proofs

vi. Preference for advance notice or appointments

vii. Press okay required

2. Customer provided alternatives for direct contact (cell, pager, etc.)

3. Alternative contact identified

4. Project status reports or confirmations required

5. Billing procedures discussed

i. P.O. Box address

ii. Required data complete and accurate

iii. Attention to identified

6. Information of value provided

7. Understand quotation process

i. Fax, Internet, e-mail, appointment, phone, U.S. mail

8. Prices broken out per customer preference

9. Fast, accurate and courteous response to customer inquiries

10. Understand customer sample requirements

11. Guarantee of confidentiality of customer’s work and information

12. Art and materials tracked and returned

13. Best method of reaching customer identified

E. Performance expectations

1. Understand how product is being measured and evaluated

2. Understand how customer is being measured and evaluated

3. Understand the purpose of the product or project (what is customer’s concept or intent)

4. Product protection needs (breakage, spoilage, moisture)

5. Merchandising, display objectives, plan-o-grams

6. Proper engineering tests established and performance built into process (fiber tear tests, adhesive tests, forced opening, coefficient of friction, score bent testing, rub test, scuff resistance, gloss tests)

7. Project or product’s handling and distribution understood

8. Customer’s environmental concerns understood

9. Customer’s regulatory concerns understood

10. Performance standards and testing properly documented

11. Customer’s manufacturing process understood

F. Budgetary considerations

1. Payment terms discussed, understood and agreed upon

2. Supplier competitive environment understood

3. Total cost issues discussed—options and alternatives as appropriate

4. Alterations and additions policy understood

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