Hall of Fame–Frick Builds Empires Via M&A, Operations

“Lehigh was kind of a homecoming,” Frick says. “I had known and admired both the company [and DePaul] for 25 years. I’m having a particularly rewarding career, and I feel fortunate to have been affiliated with great companies. Lehigh is a very special and gratifying experience at this point in my career.”

Raymond A. Frick Jr.’s career began in 1968, shortly after graduating from the University of Maryland with a master’s degree in international relations. He joined DuPont in 1968 as an industrial marketing research specialist and later moved to sales, a position he held until 1975.

His next tour of duty was a three-plus year stint with the R.R. Donnelley & Sons book group, where he also worked in sales. He remained there until 1978, when he joined the cast of Brookshore.

That began a 10-year journey that would see him migrate from vice president of sales and marketing, to executive vice president and, finally, president. He played a vital role in the installation of a number of webs with both sophisticated in-line finishing systems and sheeters, and the development of high-resolution ink-jet imaging on-press. He was also a forerunner with the installation of a 10-unit full-size double web press with a highly advanced double finishing line. It was at Brookshore that Frick received a taste of the soon-to-be growing industry trend of merger and acquisition, as Banta assumed the reins of Brookshore.

Building a Reputation
Frick remained at Banta in the role of direct marketing group president until 1994, when his whirlwind career dropped him off on the steps of another heavy hitter—Quebecor. That set the stage for his current vocation with Lehigh.

“I’ve never sought a position since my first entry-level job at DuPont. I’ve just been extremely fortunate to be repeatedly recruited,” Frick notes. “During the Banta years, as president of the direct marketing group, that was a business segment leader role. I was occupied principally with operations, building the direct marketing group.”

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