‘Work’ Videos for a Friday Before a Holiday

Grycksbo Paper has done a series of over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek videos highlighting the shortcomings of electronic devices as a replacement for paper. The campaign has been ongoing for some time, but the link to the company’s YouTube.com Channel was just passed along to Printing Impressions’ editorial staff in time to provide a legitimately work-related, but amusing, diversion heading into the long weekend.

Here’s a sampling (the last scene in this video is the best one):

On the “Paper Aid initiative” Website created for the campaign, the company offers this perspective:

Lets face it. The paper industry is OFF. Unhappiness, misery and bad vibes rule a once proud industry. In these dire times, the raising of Paper Awareness is essential. The passing on of basic knowledge to a lost paper generation will be the driving force behind a speedy and healthy recovery of the paper industry.

The good people at Grycksbo Paper in Dalarna, Sweden—the makers of G-Print—have taken it upon themselves to make it happen. We bring you Paper Aid, and we’re ON. How about you?

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