Grossman Leaves Sandy Alexander

CLIFTON, NJ—Roy Grossman, a Printing Impressions/RIT Printing Industry Hall of Fame inductee and a staunch advocate for some of the most daunting challenges confronting printers, has resigned his position as president and CEO of Clifton, NJ-based Sandy Alexander. Grossman stepped down on May 31. Michael Graff has been promoted to president of the company.

Also leaving the company was Chip Stine, executive vice president of sales. Stine has worked alongside Grossman dating back to their days at Grossman family owned Laurel Printing, before the company joined forces with Sandy Alexander.

“It’s not about Sandy Alexander at all. This is the greatest company in the business,” Grossman said. “It’s about taking one more leap, one more adventure. It came down to realizing that I’m 56, and if I’m going to do something different, I’ve got to do it now.”

Under Grossman, Sandy Alexander has established itself as one of the premier printing companies in the United States, ranking 43rd on the PI 400 in 2007 with $142 million in sales. He’s also spoken candidly on topics that have handcuffed printers over the years, including commodity pricing, and paced Sandy far in front of the pack on greening initiatives and sustainability.

Grossman said he has mixed emotions; though the prospect of taking on a new challenge piqued his curiosity, he will miss the people and culture of Sandy Alexander. He’s planned on taking a few months off to “kick back” before he evaluates his options. He also didn’t rule out returning to the printing industry.

“After all, it’s what I know,” he noted.

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