Greetings from the Jersey Shore!

Hatteras customers received a three-piece component package, containing two different-sized calendars within an oversized envelope, that was designed to look like a postcard.

The back of this postcard from Hatteras looks just like the back of a postcard.

The image of a skeeball machine on both the small and large calendars hints at the fun to be had this summer at the Jersey Shore.

The smaller calendar opens to reveal some photos of the New Jersey Shore community Avon-by-the-Sea. A card is affixed to this first page with a message from the company.

This calendar page shows some highlights from Belmar, NJ.

Another page in the calendar reveals some scenes from Sandy Hook, NJ.

When Hatteras, in Tinton Falls, NJ, created this calendar packet last year, there was no way of knowing that Hurricane Sandy would devastate much of the New Jersey Shore. As we leap into Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to share with you this Gold Ink Awards entry that the company submitted in the Calendars category, titled “Greetings from Hatteras 2013 Calendar.” Originally created to celebrate the company’s 30th year as a local printer serving the Jersey Shore, this piece became that much more.

In addition to giving the calendars to customers, Hatteras decided to contribute to the rebuilding of the communities damaged by Hurricane Sandy by also selling them, and donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the charitable organizations serving 14 highlighted communities spotlighted in the calendars (visit

Recipients received a three-piece component package, containing two different-sized calendars (both similar in their content), within an oversized envelope, which was designed to look like a postcard on the front and back, along with a handle to lift the envelope. A neat flap, with the printer’s address and a stamp, is used to close the piece. The message on the front of the envelope reads: Greetings from Hatteras 2013 Calendar,” and on the back “A tribute to our Jersey Shore.”

View the calendar covers to see the age-old skeeball machine that harken childhood memories of the Jersey Shore—activities still made possible due to all the communities that came together during a time of need.

Flip through the pages, and you will find images of some of the most popular shore towns—such as Belmar, Sandy Hook and Avon-by-the-Sea—rendered beautifully by Hatteras on its Epson and Heidelberg presses. Paper used for this project was supplied by Sappi Fine Paper.

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All winners will be recognized on the Gold Ink Website, through our social media platforms, in Printing Impressions Magazine, and will have the chance to win the “People’s Choice Award” at the live event held during PRINT 13 in Chicago!