Greenpeace Report Links Asia Pulp and Paper, Major Brands to Rainforest Destruction

“Kerumutan and Bukit Tigapuluh are just two of many endangered forests being decimated by Sinar Mas for paper and palm oil plantation expansion” said Skar. “Indonesian President Yudyohono’s new commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation will be undermined unless he extends the moratorium on new deforestation licenses to cover all forest and peatlands that are currently slated for destruction by Sinar Mas and other companies,” he concluded.

Several leading companies are said to have already responded to Greenpeace evidence of the Sinar Mas group’s destructive practices by cancelling their contracts with the Indonesian palm oil and paper giant. Kraft has confirmed that is phasing out APP paper and packaging, whilst Kimberly-Clark, Nestle and Unilever are implementing new policies that will also rule out supplies from APP, unless the company and its suppliers make substantial changes. Unilever, Kraft, and Nestle have also dropped contracts with Golden Agri Resources (GAR), the Sinar Mas group’s palm oil arm, following recent Greenpeace campaigns. In the financial world, HSBC Global Asset Management announced it dropped all holdings in GAR.

“It’s time for companies like Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and Kentucky Fried Chicken to catch up. We’re calling on companies in this report to stop doing business with Sinar Mas immediately. In addition, we urge them to publicly support the immediate protection of Indonesia’s peatlands and back a moratorium on rainforest destruction,” continued Skar.