Graphic Art Systems Installs an Eagle Cold Foiling System at Marrs

Marrs Printing representatives pictured from the left are Andrew Marrs, vice president of production; Scott Marrs, vice president/general manager; Walt Marrs, president and CEO; Teresa Grigsby, vice president of finance; and Johnny Grigsby, vice president of customer service.

Marrs was also drawn to the environmental-friendliness of the cold foiling process.

“In the past we have done quite a bit of printing on foil board but this process is not very cost effective and is also not green-friendly,” he says. “Cold foil not only reduces the cost compared to overprinting on foil board, but it is 100 percent green friendly as proven by the testing company PIRA. More and more of our clients have shown a substantial concern toward the environment and will pay more to have their packaging printed in an environmentally-friendly, responsible manner.”

Another key factor in choosing the Eco-Eagle cold foil system was the reduced costs involved.

“Although we’ve been running the system for only a few weeks, we believe that the process will reduce our overall costs,” says Marrs. “Having a cold foil system in our facility will increase our turnaround time, reduce waste, and increase our throughput. We’ll be able to pass on our cost savings to our own customers. That is an important factor to weigh because price is a competitive denominator between printers.”

Marrs explains that the installation was quite smooth. The entire Eco-Eagle cold foil installation process took less than one week. He says they were able to take on a production run immediately after the installation and after a few hours of training.

“We were impressed with the short installation time,” says Marrs. “This provided value to our company because we weren’t down on press time.”

Marrs was also impressed with the strong reputation and guarantee from Graphic Art Systems. “Part of being an innovator is choosing the right machine partner and although there were less expensive alternatives, no company had the knowledge of foil and the reputation like Eagle System foil retrofits. The machine risk was simple as well, with a money back guarantee, which is unheard of in today’s business world and that enabled us to make a quick decision,” says Marrs. “When Mike King stated that his machine would do everything he says it will do or your money back, we were impressed and that sealed the deal.”