GRAPH EXPO 2010: Something for Everyone

Acting as a counter balance, the Illinois state government pushed through pivotal legislation that will make McCormick Place more competitive with other convention halls in America. Though this is of little consequence to show-goers, it does provide relief to exhibitors in several areas. And, going forward, it may compel some companies to set up booths and others to go even bigger with their exhibitor space.

As for now, the exhibitor rolls are—at press time—pretty much in line with Nappi’s expectations for GRAPH EXPO 2010, which takes place Oct. 3-6. “We’re 30 percent off of 2008, the last GRAPH EXPO. But, in fairness, 2008 was one of the largest we’ve ever had,” he points out. “All of the major exhibitors are in except for the two, and a majority are reducing their (booth) sizes. To me, the size of the show is less important than the attendance, because you can’t blame anybody for downsizing in this market.”

Sensing the economic hangover from 2009, Nappi championed the decision to bring back GASC’s exhibitor machinery handling incentive to encourage vendors to bring more equipment. The incentive covers the unloading of machinery from inbound carriers at the show site and delivery to the booth; one-time spotting at the time of unloading; and freight movement from booth to dock and loading of machinery onto outbound carriers at the close of the show.

On the attendee side, Nappi has reason to be optimistic. The economy has already bottomed out and activity is beginning to increase again, he notes. Additionally, he felt that Ipex in England enjoyed a good deal of buzz over its first four days in May, and little (if any) of it was fueled by U.S. attendees.

New to this year’s GRAPH EXPO is the newspaper pavilion, dubbed News Print. “We’d been told for a couple of years that the newspaper production people were looking for a home,” Nappi notes. The pavilion will feature live demonstrations of the newest industry equipment, and attendees will learn new applications, Web-based approaches to their business, profit-boosting solutions, and cost-effective workflow systems specific to newspaper publishing and printing.

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