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NPC Claims No. 1 Spot Among GPO Top 50 for Q1 2012

June 15, 2012
CHAMBERSBURG, PA—U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) work to private sector printers increased modestly from the fourth quarter of 2011 through the first quarter of 2012, and industry officials express some hope that this begins to reverse a trend of declining work from the GPO.
The volume of work contracted to the private sector in January through March of this year totaled $61 million, compared to $59 million for Q4 2011, $78 million for Q3 2011, $79 million for Q2 2011 and $61 million for Q1 2011.
“While an increase of GPO printing from $59 million to $61 million to the private sector is better than a decline, we are still concerned about the overall decrease in GPO work over the past several years,” said Deborah Snider, senior vice president of e-LYNXX Corp. and head of its Government Print Management division. “GPO remains a very solid and viable secondary market for printers who want additional income to complement their commercial work.

“Typically, GPO work is done when other work is not scheduled so it will round out a printer’s production schedule. While thousands of printers are registered as GPO print suppliers, only a few hundred are active bidders. That means the door is wide open for other printers to compete,” Snider added.
For Q1 2012, the top 50 GPO print suppliers produced work valued at $39 million vs. $38 million for Q4 2011, $49 million for Q3 2011, $57 million for Q2 2011 and $39 million for Q1 2011.

Top 50 Printers for the Government Printing Office, Q1 2012
Rank      Company    Headquarters    Volume
1    NPC Inc., Claysburg, PA        $5,356,729
2    Gateway Press, Louisville, KY    $4,909,250
3    Sourcelink, Miamisburg, OH    $2,813,721
4    Cenveo, Stamford, CT    $2,218,370
5    Monarch Litho, Montebello, CA    $1,681,184
6    Intelligencer Printing, Lancaster, PA    $1,609,540
7    Gray Graphics, Capitol Heights, MD    $1,296,118
8    PA Hutchison, Mayfield, PA    $1,245,391
9    Colonial Press Int'l., Miami        $1,175,847
10    Fry Communications, Mechanicsburg, PA    $1,165,936
11    McDonald & Eudy Printers, Temple Hills, MD    $1,042,918
12    National Envelope, Frisco, TX    $803,823
13    Banknote Corp. of America, New York    $789,762


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