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GPO Targeted by OMB

July 2002

Cooper also noted that many contracts are presently awarded based strictly on the lowest bid, and agencies could find better overall packages through "best value" contracts.

William Gindlesperger, founder and president of ABC Advisors, a bid solicitation service, is confident that, in the end, smaller printers won't be shut out of government jobs. "OMB doesn't want to send all those little printers to the wolves," he says.

Gindlesperger feels the OMB will produce regulations that are fair to both the agencies and small printers. The GPO, he says, will reinvent itself and "come up with a methodology to better service its customers.

"OMB, GPO and the agencies all have their hearts in the right places and want to do the right thing," he adds. "In the end, the right thing will be done."


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