Goss Sunday Web Press Technology Turns 20

Continuous innovations to exploit the original gapless-blanket technology breakthrough have driven printers in 27 countries to install more than 2,300 Goss Sunday web press printing units over the past two decades.

New Goss Sunday press models continue to set the standards for web offset productivity, efficiency and value, 20 years after the first Sunday press with gapless-blanket technology went into production.

As with any revolutionary innovation, engineering challenges in developing the Sunday press were considerable. The Sunday technology R&D team was in unchartered waters with the speeds they were attempting on their test press in the early 1990s. Mechanical hurdles arose, but their fundamental concepts worked and were promising from the start. The reaction from customers consulted in those early days, on the other hand, ranged from cautious optimism to complete doubt. As the gapless Sunday press concept became public in early 1992, one competitor called it the “Someday” press, implying that a production model was many years from completion.

Almost immediately, however, the Sunday 3000 press established itself as the leading choice for single-circumference catalog and publication printing. Sunday technology earned the prestigious InterTech Award in 1994. A year later a Sunday Press wowed audiences at drupa. By the end of 1995, 31 gapless Sunday press systems had been installed in six countries.

The 1993 introduction of gapless-blanket technology pushed the Sunday press into a league of its own, but Goss International has not rested on its laurels. New models for new applications have been introduced continuously, as have key technologies to enable or amplify the basic advantages of the gapless concept. These include Autoplate, Automatic Transfer, pinless folding and DigiRail digital inking technologies as well as automated controls and high-performance splicers, dryers and auxiliaries. As a result, Sunday presses continue to deliver the ultimate in web offset productivity, print quality and efficiency, with printers in 27 countries relying on them for publications, catalogs direct marketing, retail inserts, packaging and other specialized products.

Meanwhile, the very first press still remains in operation in the United States, adding durability to the long list of Sunday press advantages.

Sunday Press Milestones

Engineers and executives commit to pursuing revolutionary gapless web press technology at meetings during the weekend of the American football “Superbowl Sunday”, giving the top-secret project the code name “Sunday Press”

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