Goss International Extends Universal Press Family with 4×2 Model

DURHAM, NH—June 28th, 2010—After extending its Universal press platform in 2009 with the successful introduction of the 4×1 Universal XL model, Goss International has now developed a Universal XL press available in a 4×2 format.

The Universal XL presses complement their higher performance counterparts, the Goss Uniliner series. They are designed for applications requiring web widths up to 1220 mm (48”) and speeds of up to 75,000 copies per hour. For higher productivity, the Uniliner series is capable of 80,000 copies per hour with a maximum web width on the 4×2 variant of 1900 mm (74.8”).

According to Goss International vice president Jacques Navarre, “We are addressing an emerging requirement in several regions for presses that deliver double-width productivity along with versatility, simplified operation and a lower investment cost.”

The Universal 4×1 and Universal 4×2 are both intended for new press investments or tower addition projects and can be installed in single- or double-former folder configurations. Although based on the Universal platform, they incorporate many technologies and design elements found in the successful Uniliner series, a factor that Navarre says will make the new models a natural extension to existing platforms. “We can now offer Goss alternatives for printers and publishers requiring capabilities that fall in between those of our 2×2 single-width presses and our higher-performance double-width presses,” he explains.

These capabilities can vary from the requirement for high output in very short time windows, to the flexibility provided by a double-width press that delivers renowned quality suitable for newspapers and semi-commercial heatset work. Both Universal XL models can be equipped with dryers.

The Universal XL 4×2 press can be configured with reelstands under the towers or at right angles to the press in the Goss T90 arrangement. The latter configuration offers significant advantages in the efficient running of the press with a smaller crew. A Goss 2:3:3 folder can be equipped with a quarterfold option, completing the capability of the press to handle multiple smaller formats such as supplements and TV guides.

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