Goss International Appoints New CEO to Lead Revitalization Efforts

DURHAM, NH—June 26, 2012—Goss International announced a restructuring of management. The board has appointed Richard Nichols as CEO effective immediately, replacing Jochen Meissner.

The company’s board expects that the Goss management team, headed by Nichols, will undertake active and effective measures to stabilize and expand the Goss leadership position in the industry. Relying on Shanghai Electric’s support and Goss’ own distinctive capabilities, Goss will optimize the allocation of resources to enhance innovation and responsiveness to customers and market demands, within a culture that fosters an inspiring and challenging working environment. This will propel the company to a new level of performance, to meet and exceed the strategic goals of the board.

Shanghai Electric believes that the impact of financial crisis will subside and the development of the world economy will bring new opportunities. The company has confidence in Goss and the printing industry and expects Goss to be an even stronger industry leader in the future.

Source: Goss.

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