GOA 2011 Exhibitors to Showcase Newest Industry Solutions

The Presstek Vector FL52 system provides an affordable, small-format (52cm and under), chemistry-free CTP solution – and brings the added benefit of imaging high quality metal plates for about the same price as polyester. Freedom Pro plates are cleaned in water in the Vector’s integrated washer; no baking, special cleaning fluids, or gumming is required. The result is great press performance, as well as less waste material. The system supports run lengths up to 25,000 impressions.

MGI (booth 722) will be featuring a trio of award-winning digital printing and finishing solutions at GOA 2011: Meteor DP60 Pro multi-substrate digital press, JETvarnish digital inkjet spot UV coater and the DF360 5-in-1 digital paper finisher. 
A versatile digital press in the global graphics market, the Meteor DP60 Pro offers users the widest range of substrates available (paper, plastics & envelopes), the largest sheet size available (up to 102 cm / 40″ in production), laser-safe prints, Fogra certification, no click charge and an economical total cost of operation, plus offset-comparable output quality.

The Meteor DP60 Pro is quickly becoming the solution of choice for graphics professionals in a wide range of industry segments, including commercial printers, plastic card manufacturers, in-plants, book printers, photo printers and governments, among others. 

MGI’s revolutionary JETvarnish digital inkjet spot UV coater provides a 100% digital solution that simplifies the spot UV process, allows for personalization and costs drastically less than traditional silk screen or offset methods. Ideal for operations with offset and/or digital presses (sheet sizes up to 20 x 40″ / 52 x 105 cm), the JETvarnish is the perfect offline solution for spot UV coating on runs from one to thousands, providing printers with true value-added services. 

With the introduction of the DF360, MGI combines 30 years of digital printing and finishing experience in order to produce the most efficient, all-in-one unit on the market. Unlike other offline, multi-function machines currently available, the DF360 includes lamination along with the other standard features (cutting, slitting, creasing and scoring). In combination with digital presses, the DF360 allows true print-on-demand applications to be combined with all-in-one finishing, resulting in quick delivery to the customer. The expanded sheet size (up to 14 x 29″ / 360 x 740 mm) accommodates longer sheet lengths ideal for panoramic photos, book covers with flaps, signage, quad-fold brochures, pull-out maps and other applications. 
Also on display will be MGI’s laminating and die cutting solutions for plastic card manufacturing.

Van Son (booth 1223) will be exhibiting its complete line of high performance, commercial sheet-fed printing inks. The company’s VS Series is designed to offer a product for every individual printing application. These include inks for standard four color process on coated and uncoated surfaces, UV curable and coatable inks, oxidizing inks for non-absorbent surfaces, inks for waterless printing systems, and environmentally friendly, low VOC formulations.

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