Offering the whole kit and caboodle of services to the demanding software/high-tech industry is the stock and trade of GlobalWare Solutions in Haverhill, MA. It can be a high-pressure business. With software releases, developers are always trying to do one last bug check or tweak of the code before the CDs are duplicated, manuals printed and product boxes assembled. If it’s a major release, anxious buyers have been known to line up at midnight at local computer stores to be the first to get their hands on the product. So the shipments have to be on time.

The need for quick turnaround puts pressure on industry suppliers to be state-of-the-art, but it also doesn’t hurt to project the right image when dealing with high-tech companies. Being on the leading edge of technology can foster a degree of kinship with these clients, as well as provide the flexibility to meet their needs.

GlobalWare Solutions (GWS) has been an early adopter of new technology since it was founded in 1978 as a quick-turnaround, on-demand printer called ZBR Publications. The name change came after the company purchased Bindco Corp. last year, and is intended to reflect the broader scope of the combined organization, according to the original announcement.

“GWS is a vertically integrated service company providing global software contract manufacturing, digital content management and e-commerce solutions for the world’s technological leaders,” says Richard Langlois, vice president of business development. “We integrate our state-of-the-art software manufacturing services with our global supply chain capabilities and Web collaboration tools to provide a one-stop, value-added service for the global delivery of software and information.”

The organization also has established a brand for its turnkey service, calling it the TotalWare Service Program. The program is said to consist of a vertically integrated, continuous flow manufacturing model under one roof, allowing maximum flexibility and control while reducing critical time to market. TotalWare encompasses e-commerce services, project management, data management, prepress, on-demand digital printing, sheetfed and web offset color printing, binding and finishing, CD-ROM replication, kit assembly, inventory management, distribution and fulfillment.

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