GlobalSoft Digital Solutions Hosted Asian Scholars Tour

MAHWAH, NJ—July 13, 2012—GlobalSoft Digital Solutions (GSDS), a leading international digital marketing, print and distribution company, recently opened its North American doors to 23 international scholars of East China University in Shanghai, China, for a tour and presentation of the company’s role in the digital print industry. Looking to continue a strong and positive presence in the community, GSDS took the opportunity to work with Ramapo College of New Jersey to not only provide a hands-on learning experience for the students, but further educate others on the field of digital marketing and print.

“Working with local colleges to educate students on emerging technology in digital marketing is a win/win for GlobalSoft,” stated Christopher M. Petro, president and CEO of GlobalSoft. “It helps the students get hands-on experience of real world applications and technology that they would never read or experience in college. For us, it gives us the opportunity to introduce digital technology at the grass roots level and build organic bonds with the future of our industry.

“We host these kinds of sessions as often as the opportunity presents itself and feel they have immediate and long term benefits. This opportunity is unique as it challenges our staff to share and educate with others from a completely different culture,” added Petro.

The international scholar students were part of the two-week U.S. Business and Public Administration Immersion Summer Program at Ramapo College of New Jersey. During their stay, the students took college courses composed of 4 modules in the fields of macroeconomic policy, business environment, corporate culture, business strategy, and more. In addition to their studies, field trips to American companies were provided to allow an overview of the economic, business and political environment of the United States.

“The students are very interested in visiting U.S. businesses to view first-hand the operations of these organizations and to meet and interact with their leaders,” said Rosa Diaz-Mulryan, Assistant Vice President of the Center for Innovative and Professional Learning at RCNJ. “As a leader in digital communications solutions for both large and small clients internationally, GSDS well represents the innovative strategies and technologies used by today’s U.S. companies. Ramapo includes this type of experiential education in all of its programs.”