GEW Innovations Cut Costs for Customers

SURREY, U.K.—07/09/2009—Up until 2008, the world economy was a confident, arguably brash environment, where the familiar ‘buy now, pay later’ culture had largely evolved into a mentality of ‘buy now, think later’. Over the past 12 months though, markets have slumped, credit has dried up and purchasing decision-makers have become increasingly risk-averse. In today’s world, every expense is scrutinised, and pressures for reduced costs and rapid returns on investment are mounting.

Against this backdrop of a challenging economic climate, GEW has strengthened its energy-efficient product line-up with a brand-new range of peripheral technologies set to be launched on its stand, 6H70, at Label Expo in Brussels. These have been designed to further reduce the operating costs of its UV systems, shortening their payback time and improving job security. The company can now offer intelligent power management software to boost energy savings further when the system is on stand-by; cost-effective UV monitoring solutions; proactive servicing of systems in the field, via the Internet; and extended equipment warranties for added peace of mind.

The fact that further reductions in power consumption at stand-by are possible may come as a surprise to some: already the stand-by power level of GEW systems is typically around 15% of full power, whilst other systems run at between 30% and 50% on stand-by. So how can further savings be realised?

The secret lies in intelligent avoidance of power wastage. Printers typically leave the UV on stand-by for long periods, as opposed to switching them off, so that they are always ready to run as soon as the printer is ready to re-start the press. Common examples include during make-ready and at lunch. When making ready, the lamps are normally turned on so they can warm up while the operator works on the machine so that they are ready when he is finished, as this avoids needing to wait while the lamps burn in. At lunch, the system is normally left on stand-by so that printing can be resumed as soon as the lunch hour is over.