George H. Dean Co. Printing — Financial And Beyond

by chris bauer

It can be easy for a commercial printer to get pigeon-holed into being thought of as only a niche-market company. So while Braintree, MA-based George H. Dean Co. Printing has been known as primarily a legal and financial printer (it was the second company to file a registration statement with the SEC in 1933, missing by minutes of being the first), current President Ken Michaud is quick to point out that his company is quite diverse and serves a variety of markets.

“Although our background was in financial printing, we’re much more diversified now,” Michaud explains. “We produce a wide range of material for many different industry groups. Our clientele includes the mutual fund industry, corporations, schools and colleges, healthcare, advertising agencies, non-profits and the travel industry. We also produce shareholder information including marketing materials, direct mail, annual reports, prospectuses and proxy statements.”

This customer base requires a combination of high quality, fast turnarounds and strict time deadlines, he stresses. “Financial printing gave us a firm base for developing industry-leading customer service. Perfection in customer service and 100 percent on-time delivery are our goals. We are also ISO 9001 certified. It took a lot of time and hard work to build a quality management system, and we have seen tremendous benefit in having tight procedures for the entire company to follow.”

Family Affair

Checking out a job produced on George H. Dean Printing’s new Heidelberg V30 coldset web press with a Jac de Vries infrared (IR) dryer are (from left): Ken Michaud, president; Earle Michaud, CEO; and Bruce Michaud, vice president.

Now in its 114th year of doing business, the 85-employee enterprise, which was established in 1889 by George H. Dean, is experiencing the third generation of ownership by the Michaud family. It currently operates a 75,000-square-foot facility located 15 minutes south of Boston.

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