GATF Announces InterTech Award Winners

PITTSBURGH—The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) has announced its InterTech Technology award recipients for 2001. Nine innovative technologies were chosen from 38 submissions.

The award winners, alphabetically by company, include:

MediaBridge Solutions, Digimarc Corp.
MediaBridge Solutions is a suite of software tools that allows printers and publishers to embed a unique and imperceptible digital watermark into virtually any printed material. Digitally watermarked print materials instantly link readers to online information when held in front of a web camera or other image-capture device enabled with MediaBridge software.

The software launches a browser that instantly connects the user to relevant information, applications, offers or opportunities to purchase on the Internet.

Ecocool, Heidelberg.
The first web offset system to integrate the dryer and the chill roll section within a single module, the Ecocool configuration improves print quality by eliminating condensation. The design also reduces space requirements for a web press by up to 111⁄2 feet and improves web dynamics.

Supertrap/Supertrap Plus, Heidelberg.
Supertrap is the first plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 4.0 that traps native PDF 1.3 documents; there is no conversion to an alternate file format.

This allows users to create their own modular PDF workflows. Supertrap Plus adds the ability to create traps with special corners, such as mitred, acute and beveled, as well as the ability to edit the actual trap paths under visual and interactive controls.

Matchprint Professional Server, Imation Corp.
The digital front end (DFE) or hardware raster image processor (RIP) leverages Imation’s color technology to produce fast, accurate and consistent output in the earliest stages of the creative/production cycle.

The server embeds a patented smart color matching module that analyzes ICC sources and destination profiles for precise color target simulations.

CIP4 Job Definition Format (JDF), The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress.

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