GATF Announces 2004 InterTech Award Winners

NovaJet 1000i with Quantum Pigmented Inks

ENCAD, Inc. — A Kodak Company

The NovaJet large-format inkjet printer delivers speed, image quality, and economic production. It features printing speeds of up to 150 square feet per hour in photo quality and uses a dual-component drying system that eliminates the need for a print hanging area and allows immediate lamination. A dynamic print masking technique lays down ink in a randomized pattern for each color, and the single pigmented ink set offers the flexibility to print images for long-term indoor applications as well as UV- and water-resistant images for durable outdoor displays. Said one judge, “This is designed for the professional commercial print environment.”


Finishing Experts Group, Inc.

A first-of-its-kind industry resource and the product of seven years of intense field research, FOLDRite is the most comprehensive brochure folding classification system ever created. It aims to standardize the folding process by establishing naming conventions and clarifying folding terminology. In offering the potential to standardize the language and math behind mechanical brochure folding, it helps pave the way for JDF integration and other technological advancements in postpress and prepress. “We should encourage this standardization,” remarked one judge.

FloClear Fountain Solution Recycling System

FloClear L.L.C.

Using a combination of filtration, separation, and adsorption technology to trap contaminants, FloClear cleans and restores the fountain solution used in web and sheetfed press dampening systems to a fresh-mixed condition. Adopters report extending the usable life of their fountain solution for six months or more; not needing to change fountain solution when switching between hybrid, UV, and conventional inks; being able to run metallics and white inks without changing fountain solution; and significantly reducing the cost of hauling away waste fountain solution. More than one judge said, “I’m going to buy it!”

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