Gateway Press–Taking Care of Business. . . and People

Gateway Press backs up its words with actions, or rather, dollars. The bonus concept started in the 1970s, and during one year the pool surpassed the $1 million mark, or approximately $4,000 per employee, before taxes.

“It was decided years ago that rather than give it all to Uncle Sam, we could give some to the employees,” Brown remarks.

The college tuition perk was the brainchild of Georgehead. When the company’s founder—C.W. Georgehead Sr.—passed away, the younger Georgehead wanted to do something with his portion of the estate to dedicate in his father’s memory. The result is an open offer for free in-state tuition for employees with five or more years of experience.

“Quite a few people have taken advantage of it; I did for one year with my daughter,” Brown says. “We have 14 kids using it right now. Our employees see the value in it.”

Along with retaining its work force, Gateway Press has also established long-term relationships with outside product and service providers. The printer has used only two accounting firms, one bank and one insurance company during the past 25 years. Its suppliers of ink, paper, film and other printing components have also been longtime partners.

Rap Sheet
Gateway Press is a versatile commercial printer, accepting jobs in various fields, including magazines, catalogs, folders, brochures, posters, maps, cards, tax forms, soft-cover books and other categories. One of the largest printers in the state of Kentucky, it also ranks among the largest 175 printers in the country.

While at least $500,000 is earmarked for capital expenditures each year, the 48-year-old company grew by leaps and bounds in 1998, due in no short measure to an $8 million expansion that was completed in July. In addition to adding 20 new employees, Gateway beefed up its electronic prepress, pressroom and bindery departments.

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