Gannett Offset/Minneapolis — A Winning Plan

By Caroline Miller

When you first meet Doug Mann, the first thing you notice is his positive attitude. Mann, president of Gannett Offset/Minneapolis, just exudes enthusiasm.

Frankly, he’s got a lot to be happy about: In the past two years, Gannett Offset/Minneapolis has witnessed a dramatic turnaround. Since Mann took over, the company has gone from $34 million in sales to more than $60 million.

It’s the kind of story that few printing operations are able to tell these days. Aside from serving as a satellite printer for USA Today, the plant was recognized recently with the Gannett Offset Commercial Print Site of the Year award, as well as being named a “Best of the Best Workplace in America” by The Master Printers of America.

Doug Mann, president of Gannett Offset/Minneapolis, has seen his company’s sales nearly double in two short years.

The success that this Gannett facility has enjoyed is thanks, in large part, to a back-to-basics business strategy that is intermixed with Mann’s philosophy that work should be a fun and positive experience.

“When you walk in here you find people smiling all the time. The energy here is just amazing. Customers are blown away by our positive attitudes. But it’s not just all sizzle,” Mann insists. “We offer them the steak, as well. We have developed an extremely competent staff, a comprehensive product and service offering and, most importantly, we rally around finding solutions to our customers needs. We also don’t create false expectations. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. Sizzle without the steak is disastrous.”

The meat of Gannett Offset’s plan began back in April of 2001, when Mann was hired to rejuvenate Gannett’s new acquisition, PMC Companies, which had already been through several failed attempts at reorganization.

Mann brought with him his background in commercial printing, including his ability to turn around under-performing companies.

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