Fuller Grafix Named Authorized Dealer of Hohner Saddle Binder

WOOD DALE, IL—MAY 22, 2009—Fuller Grafix Inc. has reached an agreement with Hohner Stitching Products, Inc. to represent Hohner Stitching heads in a broad manner that represents sales, parts and service of Stitch heads and Saddle binding equipment. As the authorized Dealer and Repair center for Hohner Stitching heads, Fuller Grafix will provide a rebuilding service and maintenance program for the wide range of Hohner stitch heads.

The rebuilding service will be incorporated into Fuller Grafix’ Wood Dale, IL facility. Customers will be able to send Stitch heads to Fuller Grafix and they will be rebuilt and returned – ready to go at a very competitive price. Furthermore, if a Hohner stitch head user conducts their own rebuilding in house, Fuller Grafix will provide quality, original Hohner parts to rebuild the stitch heads.

“This agreement will also allow Fuller Grafix to represent the renowned Hohner stitch heads for replacement or adding new heads to a variety of machinery, as well as broadening our service support for the commercial print market, trade binderies, and specialty binders that use stitching equipment,” stated Larry R. Fuller, President and CEO of Fuller Grafix, Inc.

In addition to the rebuilding service, Mark Friedenauer, Vice President Sales of Hohner added, “We are delighted to partner with Fuller Grafix. and their outstanding sales and service organization. We are pleased to also announce Fuller Grafix as our dealer for the new Hohner Saddle Binders that feature two models, the HSB 8,000 and a fully automated HSB 10,000S system. These rugged and reliable machines that have been sold and proven throughout the world, are now available in the United States,” stated Friedenauer. Hohner has a new Demonstration and Service center located in Elgin, IL to support their Authorized Dealers and their efforts with companies throughout the United States.

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