Fujifilm and Van Son Launch Tech Advantage Pressroom Efficiency Program

VALHALLA, NY—Jan. 24, 2011—Fujifilm North America, Graphic Systems Division, and Van Son Holland Ink Corp. of America announced a new program now available to Fujifilm customers who purchase Van Son inks for the first time that is designed to revolutionize the way sheetfed offset printers manage their pressroom environments while maximizing the return on their printing technology investments. Called the Van Son Fujifilm Tech Advantage Program, this initiative combines cutting-edge technology and software tools with the best in human resources and product reliability to give commercial printers up-to-the-minute control of their process management.

“Van Son Holland Ink has teamed up with Fujifilm’s professional services experts and our real-time technology tools, such as Taskero Universe ColorPath Verified and ColorPath Sync to assure world class performance in the pressroom,” said Don Schroeder, director of solutions development, Graphic Systems Division, Fujifilm North America. “Our goal is to help commercial printers realize consistency standards from their ink and their presses that they may not have previously thought possible.”

Through the Van Son Fujifilm Tech Advantage Program, customers can use their Van Son ink purchases from Fujifilm to help finance professional services such as: G7 education and implementation, Taskero Universe ColorPath Verified and ColorPath Sync, stochastic screening implementation, custom compensation curve development, color management education and implementation, pressroom densitometry education and SWOP education and implementation.

“The printing business is all about consistency, from the technology Van Son uses to create our ink products to the Fujifilm technology that helps us use it more efficiently,” said John Sammis, president, Van Son Holland Ink Corp. of America. “Process and resource control is evolving to make pressrooms more predictable—and profitable. Few companies have the combined skill and resources to give commercial printers access to the all the essentials. To us this means product reliability, the ability to innovate and adapt to new printing technologies and the leading-edge tools to fine-tune process control.”

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