#Ipex: Fujifilm to Showcase Jet Press 720 Sheetfed Ink-jet Color Press

As with any inkjet system, however, the performance of the ink through the print-head onto the printed sheet is critical to delivering benchmark quality. Fujifilm has therefore made use of the company’s advanced chemical technology to develop water-based inks which enable bleed-free, high quality images to be produced. The quality is enhanced through Fujifilm’s unique “anti-curling” and “rapid coagulation ink” technologies, which prevent paper curl and dot gain.

Finally, the repeatability from sheet –to-sheet is second to none. This is because the Jet Press 720 makes use of the superb registration accuracy of an offset press (the paper handling is identical to offset) and combines it with the inherent stability of an inkjet printing system. This is further enhanced through the use of a CCD sensor which scans every sheet and makes any necessary alterations in real time.

The combination of these technologies means Fujifilm is advancing the quality of digital print to levels never reached before.

ii) Unprecedented digital print productivity

Thanks to SAMBATM technology, the Jet Press 720 can print a B2 sheet in a single-pass, resulting in production speeds of approximately 180 sheets (A4 size equivalent) [*2] per minute or 2,700 B2 sheets an hour. This represents unprecedented productivity for a sheet-fed digital press and will move the break point for the cost effectiveness of digital as a print production technology further into the traditional litho area.

Fujifilm estimates that the Jet Press 720 will be particularly competitive for print runs under 2,000 sheets. Productivity is further improved as the B2 printed sheet emerges from the press completely dry, thanks to the drying process that occurs once the paper is imaged.

This means that 1,000 copies of a 32-page brochure can be printed and ready for finishing in half the time taken for the same job to be produced on a traditional offset press.

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