Fujifilm Opens Technical Center for Inkjet Printing

The J Press 720 expands the range of jobs a general commercial printer can take on by enabling high-quality, short-run print work. It provides an effective inkjet solution that allows the flexibility and versatility of using standard coated and uncoated stocks and finishing characteristics associated with the durability and performance of an offset sheet. Fujifilm Inkjet Technology provides outstanding quality printing that is on par, and in many cases, exceeds conventional offset quality.

“The J Press 720 is a pressroom production device with the paper handling capability and print quality to meet the demands of the most discriminating print buyer and easily integrate into a commercial printing operation,” said Sanker. “There is enormous pressure on commercial printers and print buyers to find a cost-effective solution without compromising quality or requiring any special operational changes.

“Many commercial printing operations today are looking for additional services and capabilities they can promote to their customers in an effort to grow both their customer base and their market share. The J Press delivers benefits to help printers in these areas and the Technical Center is an excellent resource to illustrate these benefits.

“Fujifilm has one of the most comprehensive inkjet product offerings in the industry and our devices address the needs of commercial printers no matter where their business is today or where they want to go tomorrow,” Sanker continued.

The Technology Center for Inkjet Printing integrates the full Fujifilm solution, including workflow products such as Workflow XMF and Fujifilm ColorPath color management solution. It is capable of printing to all industry color standards including G7, SWOP and GRACoL. Fujifilm has staffed the center with print technical experts in the areas of workflow, print production and color management.

”Printers need to continually invest in the most effective technologies to support their businesses from an operational and production standpoint,” Sanker noted. “We see sweeping changes taking place in the types of investments required today, compared to prior years, and inkjet technology is at the forefront of this change.

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