Frank Romano to Lead Two Seminars at Graphics of the Americas

MIAMI BEACH, FL—January 20, 2009—He’s been around the world dozens of times, but his most recent travels culminate in Miami, where print guru-extraordinaire Frank Romano brings news of the future of print, and in particular the powerful industry move to inkjet, in two essential sessions at Graphics of the Americas 2009, February 26-28 in Miami Beach, FL.

Future Issues & Opportunities in Inkjet Printing
In this three-hour session, Frank covers every aspect of the inkjet segment; from the varying technologies through to consumables considerations, cost models, marketing, and best practices for securing the best combination of resources, equipment, and customers. The three-hour session will include, in Frank’s own words, “a phenomenal amount of information,” much of which will illustrate points made in his two-volume Inkjet! tome, which just became available this year. Inkjet! is published by the Printing Industries of America.

In a special promotion made possible by Frank, Printing Industries of America, and Printing Association of Florida, all advance registrants for “Future Issues & Opportunities in Inkjet Printing” will receive the double-volume set of Inkjet!, a $125 value – FREE.

TrendVision – The Future of Print

There are few, if any, print industry experts as qualified to foretell the future of print than Frank Romano, whose career, in 2009, spans 50 years and includes prestigious tenures with the original Mergenthaler Linotype Company in Brooklyn, New York; to decades of distinguished service to the industry via his increasingly important professorial positions with the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Frank has worked in, for, and alongside the smallest to biggest graphic arts and printing organizations in hundreds of cities and dozens of countries throughout the world. Frank has clearance at the top-most levels of research and development at virtually every hardware and software developer in the conventional and digital graphic arts marketplace.

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