Changing Players Mark GPO’s Top 50 Quarterly Report

CHAMBERSBURG, PA—There are always one or two surprises to be found in the quarterly report of top U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) contractors by volume. Many times a printer will appear seemingly out of nowhere or make a major jump up the listing. It’s certainly common for rankings to shift from one quarter to another. In terms of the 50 names on the report, however, there is generally a fair amount of quarter to quarter consistency. That was not the case between the third and fourth quarters of the 2013 federal fiscal year.

Government Print Management’s Top 50 GPO Suppliers Report for the fourth quarter of 2013 features 15 printers that were not on the third quarter report. While the names are not necessarily new to GPO printing; the fact that 30 percent of the top suppliers are different from one quarter to another is novel. In addition to the sizable number of different names, the Top 50 for Q4 of 2013 also featured a fair amount of shifting in the ranks among printers since appearing in the Q3 report. Fourteen of the printers that were on both the Q3 and Q4 listings moved up in rankings.

“To see a nearly 60 percent difference in the Top 50 between the third and fourth quarters was interesting,” said Debbie Snider, senior vice president at Government Print Management. “Climbing the ranks of the Top 50 between quarters, whether within it or to make it make it onto the list, is evidence that printing for the GPO is something private sector printers find valuable.”

Taking first place for Q4 was NPC Inc. of Claysburg, PA, followed by Gateway Press of Louisville, KY; Monarch Litho of Montebello, CA; Sourcelink of Miamisburg, OH; and Gray Graphics of Capitol Heights, MD, rounding out the top five places. Printers making some of the largest jumps up the rankings included Bros. Lithographing of Chicago, which debuted on the list in 11th place. V.N. Products of San Carlos, CA, made the next largest jump, moving 19 places to 20th on the list.

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