Four Printing Executives Inducted into Hall of Fame

Steve Hayes, CEO, Omaha Print; Herb Zebrack, President, Lithographix; Ralph Pontillo, President, Miami Valley Publishing; and Janet Green, CEO, Greens Printing.

Janet Green, CEO, Greens Printing.

Janet Green, CEO, Greens Printing.

Ralph Pontillo, President, Miami Valley Publishing, is congratulated by Dave Leskusky, Publisher of Printing Impressions magazine, with Editor-in-chief Mark Michelson in the background.

Ralph Pontillo, President, Miami Valley Publishing.

Ralph Pontillo gives his acceptance speech.

Ralph Pontillo and his wife Pamela.

Steve Hayes, CEO, Omaha Print.

Steve Hayes is congratulated by Printing Impressions Publisher Dave Leskusky.

Steve Hayes and family.

Herb Zebrack, President, Lithographix.

Herb Zebrack and Printing Impressions' Dave Leskusky.

Ray Monaco, president of Printing Impressions magazine, was also honored at the Hall of Fame gala in recognition of his service to the industry. Monaco is retiring at the end of the year.

CHICAGO—With several hundred industry peers, coworkers and family members on hand, four more printing industry luminaries were formally inducted into the Printing Impressions/Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Industry Hall of Fame. This year’s class included: Janet Green, CEO, Greens Printing; Ralph Pontillo, President, Miami Valley Publishing; Steve Hayes, CEO, Omaha Print; and Herb Zebrack, President, Lithographix.

Green is the third woman to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, joining Judith Booth and Diane Romano. She was the first female to serve as chairman of the board for the Printing Industries of America in its 130-year existence.

Eight years ago, Ms. Green testified in front of the U.S. Senate on the subject of repealing the estate tax, an issue of importance to all private business owners across every industry. She’s also been involved with the local PIASC chapter in various executive roles since 1995, including chapter chair, public relations committee chair and member of the government affairs committee.

On the national level, Ms. Green is active with the finance, association relations, planning and government affairs committees, among others.

Pontillo graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and kicked off his 37-year career with a stint at the former Wallace Business Forms. His big break came when he joined the venerable W.A. Krueger in Scottsdale, AZ.

In 1994, Mr. Pontillo was hired by Transcontinental to right the ship of Miami Valley Publishing, located in Fairborn, OH. In January of 2009, he began negotiations with the company to take ownership of Miami Valley.

For the past 10 years, Mr. Pontillo has been an active participant with the Web Offset Association (WOA) and its board of directors; he served a three-year stint as chairman. Previously, he was on the GATF Innovations selection committee and a number of other task forces.

Hayes has spent the last 37 years continuing a proud tradition at Omaha Print, which traces its business roots back more than 150 years, before Nebraska had even been admitted to the union. After toying with the idea of going to law school, he attended the University of Northern Colorado, where he played football on a scholarship, then joined the ranks of Omaha Print. In his early years, he worked in the office products division.

Hayes took the helm of the company in 1991, and made several strategic moves. First, he divested the company of its office products division, mindful of the emergence of superstores such as Staples. Then he invested in sheetfed, followed by web, technology. Described as both a maverick and a visionary, Mr. Hayes has been an active participant with the PIA, Printing Industries of the Midlands and NAPL.

Zebrack, for more than 50 years, has strived to take the quality of printing to a higher level. He’s certainly done as much during his tenure with Lithographix; a $1.6 million a year performer when he took the reins in 1980, the company now registers sales of roughly $125 million. Zebrack refuses to take all the glory for Lithographix’s accomplishments, saying, “Our growth is not a tribute to me, but a tribute to we.”

He took printing class in high school and honed his skills at L.A. Trade Tech, an industrial arts college. After stints at a few smaller shops, he arrived at Lithographix in the early 1970s.

The September issue of Printing Impressions features a detailed profile of each of the PI/RIT Hall of Fame inductees.

James Andersen, IWCO Direct
Ralph Johnson, Lake County Press
Michael Keene, The John Roberts Co.
James Mayes, ColorCraft of Virginia

Chris Colville, Consolidated Graphics
Tim Poole, Dome Printing
Gary Samuels, Pictorial Offset
David Torok, Padgett Printing

James Hopkins, Hopkins Printing
Rémi Marcoux, Transcontinental Inc.
Thomas Quadracci, Quad/Graphics
Jesse Williamson, Williamson Printing

Thomas Engdahl, Brown Printing
Roy Grossman, Sandy Alexander
Michael Marcian Sr., Corporate Press
Donald Samuels, Pictorial Offset

Charles W. “Tuck” Krehbiel, CJK: Print Possibilities
John O. Bell, The Ovid Bell Press
Peter McLean, Continental Web Press
George Stephenson, Stephenson Printing

Wayne R. Angstrom, St Ives Group
Donald E. Roland, Vertis Inc.
Nicholas X. Simon, Publishers Printing
Don O. Walsworth, Walsworth Publishing

Donald Belcher, Banta Corp.
Robert Krehbiel III, CJK: Print Possibilities
Ray Scholler, Times Printing
Michael Simon, Publishers Printing

Donald M. Duncanson, Dynacolor Graphics
Martin H. Edwards, Edwards Brothers
John C. Fosmire, Anderson Lithograph
Gerald A. Henseler, Banta Corp.

David H. Bracken, The Press of Ohio
A. Oscar Carlson, American Spirit Graphics
John J. Frautschi, Webcrafters Inc.
Frank Stillo, Sandy Alexander

Raymond A. Frick Jr., Lehigh Press
C. Stephenson Gillispie Jr., Cadmus Communications
Terry A. Tevis, Printing Arts America
Francis W. Canzano Jr., Acme Printing/World Color

Joe R. Davis, Consolidated Graphics
John R. Berthelsen, Suttle Press
John E. Spenlinhauer III, Spencer Press
Harry R. Quadracci Sr., Quad/Graphics

Jerry B. Williamson III, Williamson Printing
Robert G. Burton, World Color
John E. Tiffany, Banta Corp.
James R. Schultz, Great Lakes Lithograph

Paul Mack, The Mack Printing Group
Diane Romano, Applied Graphics Technologies
Robert Havrilla, Jefferson/Keeler Printing
Frank Woods, Woods Lithographics

Claude Koszuta, Rainbow Graphics
F. Edward Treis, Arandell Corp.
Craig Hutchison, Perry Printing
Paul LeFebvre, LeFebvre Intergraphics

William Beckwith, Intelligencer Printing
Judith Booth, Courier Corp.
Peter Faucetta, Applied Graphics Technologies
Jonathan Ward, RR Donnelley & Sons

Calvin Aurand Jr., Banta Corp.
Joe Arriola, Avanti/Case-Hoyt
Robert E. Murphy, Japs-Olson Co.
Kenneth W. Field, Continental Web Press

Thomas E. Brinkman Sr., Metroweb
Stanley J. Kukla, Kukla Press
Mark C. Pope III, Graphic Industries
Michael D. Voss, Meehan Tooker

Carl Doty, RR Donnelley & Sons
Pierre Peladeau, Quebecor Inc.
Thomas Manning, Judd’s Inc.
Robert Ott Sr., The Hennegan Co.

Sam Olsen, Form Service Co.
Richard A. Wallace, Orange County Register
John R. Walter, RR Donnelley & Sons
Roger L. Perry, Perry Printing

Harry W. Earle, Banta Corp.
John Anderluh, Moore Corp.
James T. Sullivan, Sullivan Graphics
Mark W. Newhouse, Star-Ledger

Curtis Bourland, Continental Graphics
John Irvin, St. Petersburg Times
Wallace Stettinius, Cadmus Communications
Robert Houk, Uforma/Shelby Business Forms

Ralph Eary, Scripps-Howard
Frank Beddor Jr., The Beddor Cos.
Ted Dimitriou, Wallace Computer Services
Jack Fowler, W.A. Krueger

Alvan H. Chapman, Knight-Ridder
Harry V. Quadracci, Quad/Graphics
Richard Kuntz, General Business Forms
Cecil Previdi, Danbury Printing & Litho

John C. Darragh, The Standard Register Co.
Al Neuharth, USA Today
Clyde Oberlin, World Color Press
John B. Schwemm, RR Donnelley & Sons

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