Four Printers Expand Their Capabilities with Xerox iGen4 EXP Presses

ROCHESTER, NY—March 04, 2011—Graphic communications firm Bryant Graphics ended an existing lease on a competitive device to purchase Xerox Corp.’s iGen4 EXP press.

The full-service print shop in Minnesota used to outsource six-page brochures to larger printing companies and get them back two to four days later. “Now, with the iGen4 EXP press, we can produce them ourselves within hours,” said Joel Johnson, president and CEO of Bryant Graphics. “The press drastically cuts turnaround time and our customers are noticing.”

Allpro Direct Marketing, a full-service marketing firm, became the first shop in Florida to acquire the iGen4 EXP press. It relies on the press to produce direct-mail marketing campaigns, personalized invitations, postcards and other one-to-one marketing solutions—many of which are processed using uDirect Classic variable data software from XMPie, a Xerox Co.

“The majority of our work is variable data, short runs. With the iGen4 EXP press, we can print quicker and less expensively compared to presses that only print smaller sheet sizes,” said Tom McLaren, president and CEO. “Since we can offer our customers much more in terms of digital printing and personalization, we’re thinking about installing an additional iGen4 EXP press.”

The iGen4 EXP press is a key component in the multi-channel campaigns Georgia-based basiQa produces for its corporate marketing clients. The software solutions provider needed a device to accommodate a variety of media, a digital front-end that could easily integrate with the company’s custom software and larger sheet capacity.

“Our typical print run is between 5,000 and 500,000 custom pieces—and with the iGen4 EXP press, we don’t need to waste our clients’ time and money on preprinted offset shells. We’re delivering full-color, personalized capabilities at the same price, or even less,” said Joel Rowland, president and founder of the document technology company.

Rowland added that the iGen4 EXP press’ increased sheet size allows the company to produce marketing campaigns at a lower cost, giving them a significant competitive advantage and opening them up to new markets.

EarthDigital, a division of EarthColor, a national print provider, relies on two iGen4 EXP presses to handle demand for unique direct-mail pieces that include die cutting and oversized pages. The enhanced finishing options and larger sheet size add significant capabilities to the five iGen4 presses already in its shop.

By using FreeFlow Process Manager and Output Manager software, EarthDigital automates each step of the print operation process, allowing increased productivity from start to finish.

“The iGen4 EXP press strengthens our digital offerings and with the larger sheet size we’re maximizing paper usage and getting more out of each run,” said Nicholas Brusco, president. “The environmental impact is always a concern, so printing more multi-up jobs and getting more usable output on each sheet while using less paper is critical.”

Source: Company press release.

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