Wide-Format 101 Workshop Slated for SGIA EXPO

FAIRFAX, VA—Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) will be presenting a Wide-Format 101 program on Tuesday, Oct. 21, from 1-5 p.m., a day before the SGIA EXPO opens at the at the Las Vegas Convention Center (room N115).

SGIA’s half-day, four-part workshop is designed to help attendees understand today’s expanding wide-format inkjet opportunity, and to gain valuable knowledge and strategies to help them make the best decisions for their business.

The Wide-Format 101 program is presented in the following four-parts:

Introduction to Wide-Format Digital
Presented by Dan Marx, SGIA
The program starts with an overview of the advantages of wide-format digital technology, an introduction to the printing and finishing technologies used, and provides insight into today’s most popular wide-format product and market areas. This presentation sets the stage for the next three sessions, which “drill down” into wide-format.

Wide-Format Design & Color Considerations

Presented by David King, MarketKing
Learn how both color and design for wide-format digital require specific considerations, and how a basic knowledge helps companies successfully integrate this technology. Using real-life examples in production software, this presentation provides attendees with what they need to know to achieve expected quality.

Mastering Materials and Finishing Technologies
Presented by David Goetter, Industry Consultant
With so much focus on printing devices, many companies fail to recognize that the materials used and the finishing technologies utilized in wide-format production are essential to a successful end product and critical to achieving expected profitability. This segment presents easy-to-understand strategies for ensuring quality and maximizing profit.

Wide-Format Pricing & Sales
Presented by David King, MarketKing
Make money with wide-format digital by learning proven strategies for pricing the print and selling wide-format services to both current and existing customers. This practical, business-focused session presents the final, critical steps to entering and achieving profitability in wide-format, presented by a proven industry veteran.

This value-priced session is perfect for the company just entering into wide-format digital printing, and provides the “basic training” needed to grasp what attendees will see on the SGIA Expo’s massive, sold-out exhibit area.

To register for the Wide-Format 101 program (via the registration for the 2014 SGIA Expo) click here.

General registration for the expo is free until Oct. 1, and $35 thereafter. The registration fee for Wide-Format 101 is $30 before Oct. 1, and $35 thereafter.

Click Here for more information about the Wide-Format 101 program.

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