Former Employee Charged with $1.5M Theft

EUGENE, OR—An ex-bookkeeper of a now-defunct printing company faces upwards of 100 felony counts for allegedly bilking the firm of more than $1.5 million, an act which may have contributed to its demise.

Victoria Marie Monfore of Springfield, OR, faces 58 felony counts of aggravated first-degree theft, 18 counts of identity theft and 12 first-degree theft charges in connection with an accounting scam that may have spelled the end of IP/Koke Printing, the Eugene (OR) Register-Guard reported. Monfore is accused of embezzling more than $1.5 million between August of 2003 and this past June.

She allegedly forged company checks and made them payable to herself.

Though IP/Koke Printing closed its doors in December of 2008, Monfore—the accounts payable clerk—continued working for CEO Jason Pierce and his Pierce Family of Companies, a publishing firm that produces print and online catalogs for buyers and sellers of heavy equipment, trucks and trailers, the paper reported.

Pierce told the Register-Guard that his company was “destroyed from within” and speculated that, absent the thefts, IP/Koke would still be in business.

  • http://John John

    The Fox was taking care of the Hen House…Where was the owner?

  • http://Steven Steven

    I’ll bet the Owner wasn’t out Marketing.

  • http://Scott Scott

    This is not surprising to me. I too am an embezzlement victim. It cost me $250,000.00

    I was always at the helm and the thief was a valued “family member.” Someone I truly trusted.

    The lesson I learned? TRUST NOBODY and check, double check, then recheck everything.

    Do not blame the victim, it is the “rapist” that is too blame.


    Only one person worked in the accounting department? Who signed the checks?