Foresight Group Grows with New Mitsubishi Diamond 3000R Sheetfed Press

Installing the Diamond 3000R represented a significant shift for the $6 million firm. The Mitsubishi press replaced a four-color, 26″ perfector and a six-color, 28″ straight press with coater purchased from other manufacturers.

“We compared presses from the major manufacturers, but in the end it was an easy choice,” Mossbarger said. “The Diamond 3000R is built solidly, and it’s a great value. You get a lot of press for your money.”

As part of its research, Foresight Group turned to the Internet to compile a list of printers that operate Mitsubishi presses.

“Every shop we visited and everyone we contacted loved their Mitsubishi presses,” Mossbarger recalled. “They all said the presses run nonstop without any problems. The Diamond 3000R has proven to be just as dependable for us.”

Sharing the pressroom floor with the Diamond 3000R are an envelope press, a two-color, 18˝ press, and a new four-color, 20˝ press. The Diamond 3000R’s 40˝ sheet size combined with the fast press speed and short makereadies allow Foresight Group to accommodate longer runs and higher page counts.

“Larger projects, such as annual reports and catalogs, tie up half-size equipment too long so those jobs aren’t as efficient or cost-effective to run,” Mossbarger pointed out. “Now we can quickly change from short production runs to high-volume jobs without delays and get these projects off the press much faster than we could in the past.”

Mossbarger added that customer response has been enthusiastic.

“Demand is very strong,” he said. “Our clients have been so impressed with the results that they are directing more work our way.”

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    What does one of these presses 6 colour with coater approx. cost?