Flash Reproductions Acquires MGI Meteor DP60 PRO Press from KBR

Left to right: Karl Belafi Jr., vice president of sales at KBR Graphics; David Gallant, vice president at Flash Reproductions; and Rich Pauptit, president of Flash Reproductions surround the new MGI Meteor DP60 PRO.

TORONTO—June 27, 2011—KBR Graphics Canada, a major supplier of printing equipment throughout Ontario and Quebec, has installed a new MGI Meteor DP60 PRO digital press with XL format at Flash Reproductions, an award-winning full-service print shop in Toronto. The new press is the first-of-its-kind for the commercial market in the province of Ontario.

“It’s exciting to be the first in our area to have a new digital press that offers so much,” says Flash Reproductions President Rich Pauptit. “The Meteor DP60 PRO has a much better image quality than its competitors, is much more versatile with a larger sheet size, is much more favorable in its pricing than its competitors, and has no on-going click charges. It’s pretty rare when you can offer your customers a ‘cheaper, faster, better’ alternative but the Meteor DP60 PRO allows us to do just that.”

The Meteor DP60 PRO, the most versatile digital press in the global graphics market, allows users to produce CMYK jobs at 2,400 dpi on the widest range of substrates from paper to plastics to envelopes from 20# to 16-pt. on the largest sheet size from 4×6˝ up to 13×40˝. It produces offset-comparable output quality laser-safe prints with no click charges and an economical total cost of operation.

Pauptit recalls the “long, painstaking process” of evaluating a range of digital presses traveling to Rochester, Atlanta, and Toronto to view demos using Flash’s different substrates including synthetic plastic. “The Meteor’s sheet size is a huge plus for us,” he says. “All of the other digital presses were 13×19˝ but the Meteor is 13×40˝. We found that customers had to design around that smaller size. We’re giving them a much larger range to work with us and our clients are excited about it. In the end, the other three competitors couldn’t hold a candle to the Meteor.”

Quality was another important feature that Flash Reproductions sought. Over its four decades in the printing industry, Flash has garnered some of the highest print awards possible and gained a reputation for its superior output.

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