First Xeikon Café for Retail Marketing a Success

“Ultimately, retailers want consumers to visit them more often and buy more. Consumers are more loyal to those that cater to their personal needs and improve their shopping experience,” continues Mertens.

This vision was also reflected in the presentation of ICA, Sweden’s largest retailer. The company uses an effective mix of direct marketing tools, including the ICA-customized loyalty card and personalized coupons, resulting in a much-appreciated bonus program for its customers. The success of such initiatives demonstrates the importance of data mining and data intelligence.

“Capturing and deploying variable data from your customer is one thing,” says Wim Hellemans, Manager at Enqio, a partner company of Xeikon and specialist in valuable business intelligence. “The next step is to turn your customer intelligence into tangible value for both the consumer and retailer. It is only when retailers have a clear understanding of consumers’ needs and preferences that they can offer personalized value propositions and targeted marketing incentives.”

Print: never more personal
The presentation of Gino Van Ossel, Professor at the Vlerick Management School, was a true eye opener for the audience. He emphasized the need for cross channeling, integrating and synchronizing the physical and virtual experience. Customization is the paradigm for both online and print marketing. In that respect, print is more alive than ever, as digital printing enables customized and very personal interaction with consumers.

“Adding intelligent full-color personalized information in a direct mailing, for example, can increase response rates up by to 35%. Our digital printing solutions are helping retailers to grab consumers’ attention faster and with greater impact,” concludes Mertens.

To find out more about the Xeikon Café, visit the website with video’s, images, and more information about the Xeikon solutions for retailers.

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Source: Company press release.

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