First European Installation of Kodak Prosper 1000 Press for SAGIM in France

“We turned to digital printing because run lengths continued to shrink,” explains SAGIM’s General Manager Christian Devambez. “Today, book publishers want to keep their inventories down. They prefer to produce smaller initial print runs and reprint when necessary.”

The impact of this shift means today’s book printers must offer competitive pricing on short runs and be able to reprint on a short deadline. “Currently, our average run length is 3,000 copies,” adds Devambez. “With the Kodak Prosper 1000 Press, we will be able to consistently produce runs of 300 to 2,000 copies. Essentially the new Kodak Press will help us meet publishers’ demands and remain competitive in the book printing market.”

SAGIM decided to invest in the Prosper 1000 Press at the end of 2009. After considering all existing digital printing technologies—from xerography to inkjet, from web to sheetfed—the company finally opted for web inkjet.

“We based our decision on print quality and productivity,” explains Devambez. “We chose the Prosper 1000 Press for its high throughput and its cutting-edge technology. Kodak’s market presence and reputation also tipped the scales toward this Prosper Solution.”

SAGIM will also benefit from the fact that the print width of the Prosper 1000 Press is consistent with the company’s Variquik offset presses. This will enable SAGIM to manage the same paper stock for both its offset and digital printing workflows—a significant advantage that made the Prosper 1000 Press even more attractive. SAGIM will use the Prosper 1000 Press with an in-line HUNKELER finishing solution to automate folding and cutting. Book binding will be managed offline in the first instance. The Prosper 1000 Press is set to be installed at the end of August.

“We expect to gradually increase our production volume and reach our peak level at the end of this year,” concludes Devambez.

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