First Edge Adds Four Canon imagePRESS Color Presses

MILWAUKEE—First Edge Solutions, a multichannel business and marketing communications print and document management service provider, has installed four Canon imagePRESS C7010VP digital color printing systems as a means to close the gap between digital and traditional offset printing, while also supporting the company’s environmental efforts.

The company has spent the last decade redefining how companies large and small share information with their customers. Committed to delivering complete communications solutions for their clients, First Edge Solutions partners with its clients to devise customized programs that not only meet their business needs, but streamline their costs as well.

First Edge accomplishes meeting business objectives while cutting costs by strategically applying data to create targeted relevant print messages, then connecting those messages with other forms of digital, mobile, electronic and online media. This ensures that the right messages are delivered to the right people at the right time. Increasingly, the “right time” requires turnarounds of 24 hours or less.

“Our company’s value proposition is based on the premise of moving data better, more efficiently, and in a more protected manner than any other company out there,” said Robert Kraft, president and CEO of First Edge Solutions. “Whether it’s print, direct mail, social media, e-mail or mobile, we are helping our clients communicate better and faster than their competitors.”

The printer recognized the need to upgrade its digital color printing system if it was going to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities the market was presenting. To meet this increasing demand, First Edge Solutions selected the Canon imagePRESS C7010VP to be installed at its locations here, Atlanta and Phoenix.

First Edge Solutions was impressed with the way the Canon imagePRESS C7010VP has closed the gap between digital and traditional offset printing. “You really can’t tell the difference between the quality of traditional offset printing versus the digital off our 7010,” said Mike Herald, vice president of manufacturing for First Edge Solutions. “That gives me the flexibility to react to our customers’ needs.”

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