First Agfa Graphics Jeti Titan HS Sold in U.S. Purchased by Phase 3 Marketing & Communications

ORLANDO, FL—April 24, 2014—The first home in the United States for the Jeti Titan HS, the newest wide-format printing system from Agfa Graphics, is Phase 3 Marketing & Communications. The Jeti Titan HS UV inkjet printing system sets a new standard for productivity and print quality at a best-in-industry price point. The Titan HS is being demonstrated at the Agfa Graphics ISA Sign Expo booth (#1736) today through April 26, at the Orange County Convention Center based here.

A leading provider of end-to-end marketing services, Phase 3 Marketing & Communications was the first in the United States to purchase the Jeti 3020 Titan 36-head printing system and has been using it successfully for years. The Jeti 3020 Titan proved to be a reliable workhorse for Phase 3 Marketing & Communications, outperforming expectations in quality, ink adhesion and ink consumption. When it was time to expand business capabilities again, Phase 3 Marketing & Communications was eager to lead the market and put the high-production, high-quality Jeti Titan HS through its paces.

“Compared to our other flatbed equipment, this machine uses far less ink to obtain the same, if not better, quality,” said Gail Turner, senior vice president, operations and purchasing, Phase 3 Marketing & Communications. “After viewing the new Jeti Titan HS, we felt that being the first to purchase this machine in the U.S. was not a leap of faith, but rather a sound move. The Jeti Titan HS will bring faster speeds, better quality and more output. It will be a great complement to our existing machinery for digital POP printing.”

The new 126″ Jeti Titan S (speed) and HS (high-speed) flatbed UV-inkjet printers combine sharp print quality and high productivity at a best-in-industry price point. The engines incorporate the latest generation 1,280-nozzle Ricoh Gen 5 print heads. The Jeti Titan S is equipped with one row of print heads and is field-upgradeable to two rows to increase productivity. The Jeti Titan HS, which is on display at the Agfa Graphics booth (#1736), comes with two rows of print heads. The Jeti Titan S and HS are ideal for high-definition work like POP viewed at close range or for intricate output desired by art, fashion and cosmetics markets.

For Phase 3 Marketing & Communications, choosing Agfa Graphics was more than simply choosing a wide-format printing device. Phase 3 looked beyond the engine and saw strengths throughout the company.

“Agfa Graphics does an outstanding job with their service and support,” Turner added. “We feel that they set the bar for service performance. This was also a factor when we were looking for our next flatbed printing system.”

The “flat-to-roll” option on the Jeti Titan S and HS give users the ability to print flexible media with the same high quality and resolution as rigid materials. Reflecting market demands, the default set-up for both models is six colors plus white (CMYKLcLmWW). White printing supports different modes including overprint, under-print, spot, under-spot, fill and over-spot for rigids and pre-white for roll media.

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with Phase 3 Marketing & Communications,” noted Deborah Hutcheson, director of marketing, Agfa Graphics, North America. “Phase 3 continues to see the potential and make the most of wide-format inkjet printing, delivering exceptional quality products and services for their client base.”

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Agfa Graphics is rapidly developing its position in the new segments of industrial inkjet with comprehensive solutions for various applications such as documents, posters, banners, signage, displays, labels and packaging materials. Its experience in both imaging and emulsion technology has provided the expertise required for developing a complete assortment of high-quality inks.

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Pitman reinforces its customer-focused approach by providing the market with an unmatched distribution network, expert specialists, and unparalleled service excellence.

Together, Agfa Graphics and Pitman deliver integrated and complete solutions tailored to the ever-changing needs of the graphic communications industry, enabling businesses to produce powerful messages and be more profitable.

Source: Agfa.

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