Fulfillment Company Shuts Down Without Notice

EUREKA, MO—A fulfillment company that provided binding work for Cenveo Inc. closed down last week without any warning, KTVI-TV Channel 2 reported. Infinity Fulfillment Group shuttered Aug. 23, leaving 60 employees out of work and owed three weeks’ pay.

The shop provided binding services for magazines and pamphlets for Cenveo; it was Infinity’s only customer and Cenco did not own the fulfillment firm. Infinity also leased its space from the Stamford, CT-based printer. The closure left Cenveo scrambling to find a new binding provider.

Former employees told KTVI that they had taken a 10 percent pay cut and had worked seven-day weeks prior to the closure. According to Missouri law, once workers give written notice to the company of unpaid wages, the company must pay them within seven days or be liable for up to 60 days of wages.

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