FILM WRAPPING — A Nice Finishing Touch


The economic strain being felt by most, if not all, industries across our country is making for some interesting bed-fellows. New media applications such as the Internet, with some of its brethren at one time poised to make ink-on-paper as cutting edge as a Smith Corona typewriter, has come crawling back with its tail between its declining stock.

Well, we also need the dotcom and advanced media technology companies as much as they need us. Advertising revenue, particularly for magazines, is down. There is, however, an upside to the doom and gloom being projected/predicted for at least the first half of 2001. This upside has a far-reaching impact, all the way down to the far end of your finishing line and the film wrapping equipment.

“With the recent decline in dotcom advertising success, many dotcom and other companies are returning to magazines for advertising and associated revenues,” states Josie Muigai, marketing manager for Buhrs Americas. “This has led to their desire to purchase many specialty niche magazine titles in order to direct their own marketing efforts.

“What this means for the industry is that they are now projecting a 6.5 percent growth in magazine advertising through 2004,” she adds. “This is up from the 1 percent growth reported for the last two years. This means that the part of the industry that Buhrs serves is driven by added-value for the advertisers with add-on pieces and gimmicks in support of the dotcom companies.”

An increasing amount of printed product, primarily magazines, is requiring film wrapping. Advertisers have been bombarding readers with various products, from CD-ROMs to special supplements, that require outserting for the mail stream or the newsstand. More than ever, the advertising vehicle has driven off the printed page and has evolved into many forms as the creative minds behind it attempt to stay two steps ahead of the recessionary climate. As advertisers attempt to spread their wings even farther, something needs to hold that book together.

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