FILM WRAPPING — A Nice Finishing Touch

Production Partners
For Buhrs—its latest system offering is the Buhrs 4000—staying ahead of the curve from the manufacturing standpoint means technical innovation through partnership. This helps differentiate Buhrs’ products from its contemporaries, contends Muigai.

“Each Buhrs’ company’s (research and development) department is part of the Buhrs R&D team, which cooperates with international universities and regulatory bodies in order to develop the most advanced systems and to comply with the latest regulations and standards,” she says.

“Ergonomics, safety and efficiency, in contrast to modularity and ease of use, are subjects for innovation,” Muigai adds. “State-of-the-art servo techniques, distributed control, intelligent data distribution systems and advanced recognition software are integrated into our latest generation of systems.”

The optional CS300 gathering system adds flexibility to Buhrs’ wrapping systems by gathering product for placement in the main raceway of wrappers. The six- or eight-feeder module boasts independently driven feeders for simple setup and castor wheels for easy positioning.

Wrapped product to be mailed has overtaken strapping functions for a number of reasons, according to Joel Anderson, marketing manager for ARPAC. He notes that the U.S. Postal Service offers large discounts to publishers/printers if the bundles can be sorted and wrapped, according to ZIP code plus four (postal route sequencing). This sorting method tends to create smaller bundles that are difficult to strap, and still maintain containment of the bundle without loss or damage.

ARPAC manufactures shrink wrap machines for a number of industries; its 55GI-20CX continuous motion shrink wrapper—designed to handle high speeds and random bundle sizes—addresses the commercial printing sector. The 55GI-20CX can wrap bundle sizes from 3⁄16″ to 10″ high, with a rate of 55 bundles per minute. At Graph Expo last year, the company also unveiled the CAPRA 120LS polybagger for wrapping individual magazines and catalogs at speeds up to 120 per minute.

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