Ferag Premieres Fold ‘n’ Stitch, Navigator Systems at IFRA

In "fold 'n' stitch," Ferag has now added the saddle-stitch function to the quarterfold process.

Thanks to the new folding and stitching component, newspaper printers are gaining more production freedom and making more profitable use of capacity.

The basis of the ground-breaking Navigator control concept from Ferag is Flying Frame technology with intuitive operation via multi-touchscreen.

Interesting configurations are possible using MultiDisc, in that products coming off the printing machine are wound and then processed in offline mode to create stitched quarterfold products,. Newspaper presses and the folding/stitching process operate independently, in each case at optimum output.

For an inexpensive finishing line, add JobFolio
In combination with the inexpensive machines from the JobFolio series distributed by WRH Marketing (JobTrim rotary three-side trimmer and JobStack 90 compensating stacker), the new ‘fold n’ stitch’ quarterfold and stitching method can be expanded to create a complete finishing line with a winning price/performance ratio for the production of high-value semi-commercials.

Navigator: a ground-breaking control concept
The Navigator concept introduced in Hamburg is revolutionary. This all-new development of both form and function makes the preparation and monitoring of production processes simpler than ever before.

Four standard applications
The basis for the Navigator control is Flying Frame technology with intuitive operation via Multi Touch screen. The flat menu hierarchy leads the user quickly and interactively to the desired set-up and control functions.

Basically, the Navigator from Ferag comprises the standard applications of NaviSet (data preparation), NaviRun (production control) and NaviQ (reporting). The fourth module, NaviSafe, contains the back-up function and enables remote support via a secure VPN link.

The simplest drag-and-drop finger tip operation
All applications are opened in floating windows, and are active with the relevant information on a single level. The user therefore has ideal conditions for comfortable, easy-to-follow and secure operation. Whether it’s set-up functions like line configuration, allocation of insert products, choice of operating mode, assignment of production to the MultiStack compensating stackers with the choice of series or parallel production, selection of distribution route sequences, or loading dock allocation – all are quick and easy to carry out with finger-tip drag-and-drop.
The Navigator also supports mouse and keyboard operation as an alternative to Multi Touch control.

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