FASTechnology Group Redefines Custom Packaging

GLEN CARBON, IL—Oct. 26, 2010—Joe Hattrup, founder and president of FASTechnology Group (FTG), wants to revolutionize the way that shoppers select their purchases. The former Texas Instruments manager and his team envision a wide range of consumer packaged goods—from toys to tortillas—custom packaged to fit the interests of individual shoppers, thereby increasing sales volume and frequency at local retail stores.

As Hattrup describes it, retail-ready personalized packaging (RRPP) replaces the expensive short runs that manufacturers have traditionally used to produce custom packaging with a more cost-efficient continuous process that yields products designed to capture consumer attention—and dollars—in the retail aisle.

In fact, RRPP is adapted from the industrial control systems used for years in the commercial printing industry to print, collate, bind, palletize and distribute personalized catalogs, magazines and other publications to millions of individual consumers nationwide.

Hattrup founded FASTechnology 20 years ago to help that industry meet the needs of publishers and manufacturers that wanted to reach consumers directly through micro-targeted print content. The company grew steadily as a systems integrator expert in process controls that enable variable printing, collation and binding of individually customized publications through production-line integration with customer databases.

“We knew that many commercial printers couldn’t spend tens of millions of dollars to start from scratch in micro-targeted production, and that they shouldn’t have to,” says Hattrup. With that in mind, FTG engineered its variable digital printing and process control technology to deploy as an overlay onto an array of existing production lines. The result has delivered value to the mailboxes of millions of consumers every day.

With the spread of digital media and technology, Hattrup now sees the opportunity for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to connect on a direct and personal basis with consumers through RRPP technology. He points to the example of school sports in Texas, where he resides.