Colorfx Exec Backs Romney, Swings Deal for Acme

DES MOINES, IA—Colorfx announced the acquisition of Acme Printing on Monday following a joint press conference with Iowa Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds that threw support behind Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney while ripping President Obama for being “fundamentally hostile” to job creators, the Quad-City Times reported.

Acme Printing provides digital and sheetfed printing, along with complete finishing services. It will join with Colorfx to offer its customers enhanced marketing solutions and access to a more robust printing platform, as well as digital and social media services, graphic design, professional photography and video services.

“We are excited to be partnering with Acme Printing to bring new value to their customer base. Bringing together two of Des Moines’ longest standing printing companies will allow us to pass efficiencies along to our customers while giving them access to a more complete set of marketing services such as design, photography, and social and digital media marketing,” said Jon Troen, president of Rock Communications and Colorfx, which ranked 68th on the Printing Impressions 2011 Top 400 with sales of $74.8 million.

Reynolds and Troen used their joint press conference to tout Romney as the candidate who is more likely to favor a free-market approach over big government, the paper reported.

“Our company isn’t successful because of the president’s policies. Our company is successful in spite of him,” the Times quoted Troen as saying. “We believe that if you take the chains off and let free enterprise work, we could do even more.”

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  • MidwestPrinter

    I’m so tired of politicians, and now printing executives, droning on about how the current administration’s policies choke their ability to succeed. Come on now, just what specific regulations (ie. "chains") does Mr. Troen believe hamper his company’s prosperity? Perhaps he wants to be free to dump his waste chemistry down the drain or not allow his workers to take 15 minutes of break time for every four hours or work. I know, child labor might help drive down costs and boost profits! And to pot with FMLA and minimum wages (I’m sure Mr. Troen lives on $7.25 / hour . . . NOT). In short, I imagine the success of Rock Communications and Colorfx results from the strength and stability (relative to the global climate) that America enjoys. Moreover, I’d bet that the availability of low interest rates (a direct result of the health of the American economy brought about by the wholly "unpopular" stimulus package) enabled his acquisition of ACME. Whew, such problems Mr. Troen is faced with!!!

  • SouthernPrinter

    I’ve been in this business for over 25 years. I’ve seen the ups and downs, but I’ve never seen the the business fall off more than when we last had a "Business Man" in the White House. We are still suffering from the Bush policies and will be for some time to come. You simply can not run a country like you run a business. Bankruptcy is not an option, nor is simply firing excess workforce. If you want to see what a country looks like when the ultra rich have all of the power and there is no middle class, look no further than Mexico. Let Mr. Reynolds & Mr. Troen live like an average Mexican for a few weeks and see if they are not climbing a fence for a better life.

  • Squeegee

    According to BEA Iowa had it’s highest levels of real GDP last year. SO it would appear the whole state can blame the current administration policies for that.

  • Mike

    Wow do you know so little about what is takes to run a business. Sure the government has addressed all the issues you mention and most owners agree with those rules. Minimum wage is driven by skill set and need, not the government rule. We could not find an emplyee to work in our shop for minimum wage when they can stay home and collect unemplyment benefits, now going on three years, and not have any commute expense. The largest creator of business and business opportunity is capital to expand. Since TARP did not require the banks to loan any of that money, stupid to think they would do it becasue it made sense, and most of the balance of the money was spent on jobs in the governemnt with no commerce value, or companies that have gone out of business, or companies that took the money and never did the work, since the goverment had no audiits to the money, maybe it is hadrd working business owners who are trying to consolidate, find captial and create jobs that are driving the economy, not some program that added debt, and has no lon term value to anything other than bigger government.

  • Rick

    Wow, these are truly insightful comments below. Funny how Mr. Troen discusses job creation as he announces the acquisition of a smaller firm to "pass efficiencies along to our clients." Of course there is no mention of how many layoffs will be part of those plans or what effect Colorfx has had on small print shops both in Iowa and across the country. Reminds me of how Romney touts Staples as a job creator without addressing the demise of the neighborhood stationery store and all the quality jobs that went with them. Will Romney’s business policies do anything to help us truly small businesses? Hard to tell since all he has said is he is going to undo regulations without any specifics. in reality Obama has cut more regulations than Bush did and has added less also.

  • Alex

    Sure, take the chains off and let this company run free will hurt every worker they employ. I worked in printing for 40 years, because of goverment, I am alive today to enjoy retirement. Ask this printier how much they pay their hourly workers, I bet the employee’s pay most of their health insurance so this company can pocket large profits. I know the long hours and dangerous working conditions press operators go through so owners can wine and dine politicians. I notice this company did not give any credit to their workers. Troen said his company is not successful because of goverment, if that were the case, why is it they can make money now with goverment involved? Duh!! I know this company would harm the people and town if they had a free hand to do whatever they want. I know we used to pour acid and chemical’s down the drain, We had to eat lunch by the press with cancer causing chemicals misting in the air. presscrews are not allowed to take lunch. I bet Troen eats his lunch in a clean safe dining establishment. Take away goverment and what little protection workers and communities have left, and it will be devastating for everyone. Of course Troen will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  • JustTheFactsPlease

    The "job creators" are the customers, not the owners, of a business. And as a customer myself, I appreciate when the businesses I patronize remain apolitical except where they can cite a very specific government policy of special interest to their industry. Even then, there’s a time and a place to state one’s case articulately and productively. Mr. Troen is spouting talking points.

  • Eric

    Mr. Troen ought to learn the facts before spewing talking points on a topic he is clearly uneducated about. As an independant voter who mostly votes Republican I do believe that I am better off today than I was when President Bush left office. It’s the public sector that is cutting jobs and the private sector is adding jobs (Yes, that’s the truth). Romney will not get my vote when he tells the public that we should continue to cut the fireman and police force from our neighborhoods. One area we can all agree upon is that Congress should all be voted out of office and term limits established for new members.