Excelsior Printing Forms Excelsior Integrated with Berkshire Information Systems Assets

NORTH ADAMS, MA—Dec. 5, 2011—Excelsior Printing Chairman David Crane and CEO Brendan Burns announced the formation of a new company, Excelsior Integrated, which acquired the assets of Berkshire Information Systems, a leading provider of fulfillment, inventory management and electronic commerce services.

“For several years now, Excelsior Printing has worked with Berkshire Information Systems on various projects that mutually benefited our customers. We have grown to admire the capabilities of BIS and, especially, its people,” said David Crane. “When the opportunity arose to acquire the assets of the company and work more closely with its customers, we felt we had to act quickly. It is very exciting to establish a new company that complements our existing business and keeps important jobs in Berkshire County.”

Excelsior Integrated is an independent company and continues to maintain Berkshire’s existing customer relationships with numerous corporations, media companies and tourism offices.

“Our customers will now benefit from a tight integration with the capabilities or our new sister company, Excelsior Printing,” said Shawn Ouillette, executive vice president of Excelsior Integrated and former BIS executive. “In the past, when one of our tourism customers asked us to help them create a brochure or other marketing materials, we would make suggestions of companies to work with, but ultimately had no real influence in the process. Now, with Excelsior Printing we can create integrated product offerings that allow for great value and outstanding service.”

The joint capabilities of the two companies create a powerful combination from a customer’s point of view.

“Over the last several decades, the printing industry has experienced a lot of pricing pressure due primarily to the proliferation of technology,” noted Burns. “Ultimately, this has benefited customers. What has been more difficult for customers is that they face their own competitive pressures and often need to manage three or more vendor relationships to support their marketing and business development needs. Now, together with our new sister company, Excelsior Integrated, we will be able to jointly offer a streamlined solution for most of their needs, and at great value along with the outstanding service Excelsior has always been known for.”

Excelsior Integrated’s management will consist of CEO Burns, who will also continue as CEO of Excelsior Printing; David Crane, chairman; and Shawn Ouillette, executive vice president; who will lead the former employees of BIS. The company plans to remain in the former BIS facilities in Lee, MA.

About Excelsior Printing

Founded in 1892 and reborn in 2005, Excelsior Printing is dedicated to providing its customers with creative, cost-effective printing, digital communications, mail and distribution programs that provide a competitive edge. Specialty business divisions include SeedPrint, packaging for the seed industry, and Oatmeal Studios, greeting card publishing.

Source: Excelsior.